"Mount Pleasant Wellness is an excellent choice for superior care and attention to caring for your spine and alignment."

Dr. Neufeld has been adjusting me for years – and has always been a crucial part of my health. More recently after having a rough postpartum recovery she helped me tremendously to get back to normal and feeling great! She is very compassionate, professional and you can tell patient care is priority #1! My baby has been getting regular adjustments since birth which helped improve neck mobility for nursing!

-Rachel (Google)

I have been seeing Dr. Neufeld for a number of months after a bad concussion and whiplash injury. She has been knowledgeable, accommodating and helpful over this stressful time.

-Matthew (Google)

Devin Cox is one of the best massage the best massage therapists I’ve ever had. Being active and sports-like, I’m constantly sore and strained. Devin has a long athletic background and a plethora of knowledge not only on recovery, but on prevention as well. I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Can’t recommend him enough!

-Hannah (Facebook)

Over the last four years I have utilized the services of several different health practitioners seeking support for my very athletic lifestyle. Most notably, I am a long distance runner who is prone to a hip rotation and the resulting IT Band Syndrome. I somewhat hesitantly visited Dr Neufeld, having had a prior poor chiropractic experience with a different practitioner. I am VERY happy that I did so. Dr Neufeld took the time to listen to my exhaustive history, assess my current state and then explain not only what she felt was the right course of treatment but why and the results that I could expect. Dr Neufeld identified several contributing factors that had gone unnoticed by the other care providers. Over the course of just two or three visits, each of the areas of concern have been addressed and I no longer experience the dull but constant pain while running. It is a relief to say the very least! I want to further add that I was so pleased with my own treatments, and Dr Neufeld’s caring, detailed and authentic approach that I asked her to assess my six year old son who complained also of hip pain. In just one quick, but thorough, visit she identified the source of the problem and resolved it. My little guy was super happy to proudly report that “he was the fastest again” at school. Given my experience with Dr Neufeld, I readily recommend her to my clients and those who are keen to take care of their bodies in a holistic and complete manner.

– June

Mount Pleasant Wellness is an excellent choice for superior care and attention to caring for your spine and alignment. I’ve never experienced chiropractic treatment before but it has helped with my posture and addressed long term shoulder issues. Dr. Neufeld takes the time to treat you like a person rather than another patient. She takes the time and attention to know exactly what your issues are. If this wasn’t enough, you feel amazing afterwards. I would highly recommend Mount Pleasant Wellness for anyone looking for treatment for their back, neck, shoulder or any other type of pain.

– Todd

A few months ago I was in a minor car accident. Although minor, after the crash I was left feeling imbalanced with some stiffness and pain on the right side of my body from my shoulder down to my lower back. After an initial appointment where Dr. Neufeld assessed the injury, I began seeing her weekly. She was able to work directly with ICBC to have my claim approved and I noticed a big improvement after just a couple of visits. I would encourage anybody feeling stiffness or pain from an accident or from just working on a keyboard all day to contact Dr. Neufeld.


Ingrid, I have really enjoyed being a patient of yours over the past 4 or more years. Since coming to you, I have experienced a steady path to healing in my spine and my general sense of alignment, especially throughout my pregnancy. A few months ago, I was in severe pain in my mid back and was feeling very ill and nauseous every day. I was also experiencing almost daily headaches. After coming to see you for a visit, you worked magic in the space behind my heart and I noticed immediate relief of pain and the nausea subsided. I have really enjoyed coming to you over the course of these years. You truly feel like my family chiropractor, treating me and my whole family, even my little 3 year old–who really enjoyed his last session with you! Thanks again!


I’d tried several different chiropractors over the years, and felt like I was getting a standard, one size fits all, treatment. Not surprisingly, the results were not impressive.

You gave me the type of individual and personalized treatment I’ve been looking for. And, I’ve been amazed at how quickly I’ve seen results. I wanted to let you know after my second visit, I’m not experiencing any discomfort in my knee when I jog anymore. Thank you for making a favorite activity more enjoyable again! I’m glad to have you as part of my long term wellness support team.

– Rob

Our 6 month old daughter was born with several concerns including colic, reflux, a sensitivity to milk protein and a click in her right hip, which caused her to cry for up to 12 hours a day. We had tried almost everything to remedy these concerns, but still nothing seemed to help her. We had no prior knowledge about the benefits of taking an infant to a Chiropractor and did so as a final effort to try and make life better for all of us. Now after 8 treatment sessions, our daughter is an entirely different baby. The crying has subsided, she is happy and smiling and laughing throughout the day, none of which she did before. We wish we would have known about the benefits earlier. We are so thankful to  Dr. Neufeld and we highly recommend her.

– Sara & Alan

I was referred to Dr. Neufeld a few months ago.  My main problem was my posture, my mid back curve and scoliosis.  Right after the first visit, improvements, regarding back problems, were there.  But, then, something very unexpected happened! After the third adjustment, one very annoying and persistent problem was also gone – excessive sweating.  I had already given up on having solution to this one, but now with regular chiropractic treatments I am aware of how much our nervous system is responsible for everything.  I had a problem with excessive sweating for years and now I feel very free and deeply relaxed.

– Ivana

My dentist recommended that I see a chiropractor.  Over the past months I have improved dramatically.  I no longer need anti-inflammatory painkillers. The relief was evident after just a few visits and there is now a more overall lasting relief between chiropractic visits. I am very grateful to the health benefits of chiropractic treatments.  My life has changed.  I now know that I don’t have to accept back and neck pain as part of the aging process.

– D.L.

I had to take a lot of robaxen to walk without pain at the worst point.  Rest and massage did not help. I was on such a lot of medication and had so much pain and limited movement which restricted my lifestyle and was a drain on my energy and reduced my quality of living.  All the rest and massage I could afford was not making a difference to my issues.  However once I commenced chiropractic care I started to receive enormous benefits and a true change to my condition which continues to improved with every visit.  My quality of life continues to improve and I recommend everyone to try chiropractic for themselves.

– J.R.

I was having issues with frequent urination for several months which my GP examined and was able to rule out prostate as a cause.  I knew a chiropractor who asked if I had experienced any low back pain in the last year I recalled having had low back pain for a while 6 months earlier before the urination symptoms began. I began chiropractic care after the chiropractor suggested there may be a connection because the nervous system could be irritated causing a problem with my bladder.  After just one adjustment the frequency dramatically decreased and after a couple more adjustments is subsided completely.  I had no idea the spine could cause any problems other than back pain but now I understand how important the spine is to the healthy functioning of the nervous system which is what controls everything.

– S.D.

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